News Roundup: Nightmare Brain Pressure

by: Randy -
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Demos, Full Games
  • Young man, there's no need to feel down.  It's always fun to stay at the F.I.F.A.  (Ahem.)  Here's FIFA 2008.
  • AtomicGamer has mirrored the full game (Aug. 2007) to NCsoft's free-2-play Dungeon Runners.
  • Turn-based strategy demo, Fantasy Wars, is up for grabs.  (Snappy visuals for a small-house production...)
Videos, Screenshots
  • As Fallout 3 continues the Cold War game renaissance, ActionTrip ducks into a bomb shelter with Lead Producer Gavin Carter for a Q&A session.
  • Get your brain all fresh and nubile again.  Read AtomicGamer's review of Brain Age 2.
  • WarCry talked to Auran CEO Tony Hilliam and Fury Lead Designer Adam Carpenter at PAX.
  • Get up to date on the state of Darkfall with this latest dev diary.
  • And the next heavyweight MMO, Age of Conan, gets another WarCry editorial regarding the lengthened beta (due to the delayed release).
  • Killer Betties reviews CDV's Pearl Harbor (although I think they fully meant Attack On Pearl Harbor.)
  • One of the first out the gate (and probably one of the lengthiest you'll see), here's a review of BioShock from
  • First we get screenshots of Babies, and now we've got a preview of ... Weewar?  (No, actually, they're not related in the least.)
Thanks to ActionTrip, AtomicGamer, WarCry, Killer Betties, and for this Labor Day Weekend's News Roundup.
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