News Roundup: Army of the Darkness

by: Randy -
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  • Just Cause gets its just desserts in this Atomic Gamer review. [AG]
  • See if this Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends review is the cream of the crop. [KB]
  • Loco Roco (yeah, that scary-and-yet-kinda-cute-looking set of singing blobbies) breaks into the high-scored reviews over at Atomic Gamer. [AG]
  • If you're ready for extreme processing muscle, get pumped up with the benchmarking of the Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Processor. [LR]
  • Gamers Info drops a Bomberman: Land Touch interview. [GI]
  • Remember the movie War Games?  Well here's a preview for DEFCON (from the same guys that brought us Darwinia).
Thanks Atomic Gamer, Killer Betties, Legit Reviews, and Gamers Info for the linkage.
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