New video interview for Sword of the Stars II released

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A new video interview was recently put up over at Paradox Interactive's YouTube page where the lead designer Martin Cirulis talks about the universe of Sword of the Stars II and how things have evolved since the first game.  Check out the interview below then check out the press release for more info.


New Video Interview for Sword of the Stars II released!


GDC 2011 – March 4th, 2011 -Paradox Interactive and Kerberos Studios unravel more mysteries of the universe in a new video interview with Martin Cirulis, the lead designer of Sword of the Stars II: The Lords of Winter, sequel to Kerberos' hit 4X science fiction strategy game.

Cirulis gives an introduction to the dangerous Lords of Winter and underlines how the Sword of the Stars II universe has evolved since the first game. Learn how Kerberos uses mechanics to enhance narrative and get an introduction to what the new Mars 2 engine brings to the table. Cirulis also talks about the different ways to kill your enemies and how diplomacy has evolved to take into account the needs of an established empire.

Bigger, better, stronger, faster. Sword of the Stars II comes to your corner of the galaxy this autumn.

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