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I have to ask the question does anyone still care? SOE after 5 years is still coming out with new updates for EverQuest II with the latest being released just today. New content, new quests, and the ability to hire a "helpers" to train spells to higher levels is good and all but wouldn't long time fans love an announcement for EverQuest III even more? As a console gamer maybe I have been spoiled by receiving sequels to my favorite games every 2-3 years but even so 5 years is a very long life span for a single game. If any hardcore EQ fans out there want to tell me how I'm wrong or if they too are looking forward to a new EverQuest then drop a comment.

    EverQuest® II Monument and Might Game Update Reveals Kurn’s Tower
and its Secrets to Norrath!


EverQuest® II’s game update, Monument and Might reveals the true
appearance of Kurn’s Tower to Norrath; panicking the inhabitants of
Kunark and intriguing adventurers to its doors. A new void anchor
emanates from the tower, as if a ghastly chord has tied its fate with
the invading void. A warlord from a far-off land has turned his
conquering eye upon the lands of Kunark and will stop at nothing to
find a great power that may lie just within the tower’s walls!


Let someone else do the work for you! Monument and Might introduces
Research Assistants which allow players to train their spells up to
higher grades one at a time! They are available around Qeynos and
Freeport, Neriak, Haven, Gorowyn, and Kelethin. Check out the research
guild hall amenity that allows you to access the research system in
the comfort of your own house or guild hall!
More than 80 new quests in the Rise of Kunark overland zones!
Player-written books - Leave your permanent mark in Norrath by writing
and distributing books! Books look and act just like the current books
in the game, and you can hold them in your inventory or place them in
your house or guild hall for other players to read. Read Rothgar’s
blog about user-written books here!
All-new Charasis West Wing group quests!


The Monument and Might game update is scheduled to go live on June 16, 2009.


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