New trophies hint at new Mass Effect 2 DLC

by: Jeremy -
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Thanks to a recent update sent out for owners of Mass Effect 2 for the PlayStation 3, it has been revealed that a new DLC pack is in the works for the title. The three trophies listed following the title update out a new DLC mission pack entitled “The Arrival”.

The three new trophies are titled as follows:
  • The Ultimate Sacrifice
  • Last Stand
  • Covert Action
The first trophy in particular, notes that it is awarded for completing “the Arrival DLC”. While there isn’t any official information, reports are that the DLC will involve a rescue mission involving Dr. Amanda Kenson, who was previously mentioned on various Cerberus News Network reports. The proof of the DLC’s existence is piling up and BioWare may be forced to simply come clean on its existence soon... let’s hope so.

Source: RPGSite

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