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Rambo The Video Game has a new trailer featuring John Rambo, you guessed it, shooting and blowing a lot of stuff up. In a PlayStation blog post Teyon spoke a little about the game. "One of the main challenges has been to squeeze three movies worth of classic Rambo action into one PlayStation 3 game. Our goal for Rambo The Video Game has always been to allow players to lace-up Rambo’s combat boots and head-out on an action-packed journey through the iconic action-sequences and story-arcs of First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III." 

Teyon also went on to say that the game will be much like a rail shooter, with cover-based mechanics and plenty of classic Rambo weapons to choose from. Sounds like an action movie buff's fantasy game. They also went on to add that as soon as the game is released, they will be working on DLC to accompany the game later on. No release date or window has been announced. 

Check out the trailer here: 

Source: PlayStation Blog

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