New screenshots for the Killer Is Dead "Smooth Operator" DLC Pack

by: Nathan -
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Suda 51's new game Killer Is Dead launches in a few weeks and we have some new screenshots showing off the "Smooth Operator" DLC pack which includes new skins for the characters and a bonus mission. 

Included in the pack, you will get bonus in-game "Gigolo Glasses" and alternate costumes for Vivienne and Mika for when they want to show off some skin. Finally, it will come with a bonus "Gigolo Mission" with Betty and "Episode 51", an additional episode with the vampiric Sebastian. 

The DLC pack will be included with all initial launch copies of the game. I'm guessing you'll get a code in the box for the DLC so if you rent it or buy it used you won't have access to the DLC unless you pay for it. The initial launch copies of the game will also launch with an 80-page hardcover art book and a soundtrack CD containing 25 sounds. All this content and the game will still launch at $60. Pretty cool! 

Killer Is Dead launches on August 27th. For more info be sure check out the official website and their official Facebook page

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