New screenshots available for latest DDO update

by: Russell -
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Turbine has recently released some new screenshots for their latest content update for Dungeons & Dragons Online.  The update, titled Update 16: The Netherese Legacy, will feature the High Road of Shadows quest pack, which includes five new dongeons and is free to VIPs, and the Primal Avatar Epic Destiny.  Though a perfect fit for druids, other characters can also benefit from many of the bonuses and abilities of the Primal Avatar.  Ability highlights include:
  • Friends of Nature: Call on smaller animals of the forest for aid, granting helpful auras to party members.
  • Dryad Elder: Call upon a Dryad Elder for aid.  This formidable ally calls upon lightning, storms, cold, and the earth itself to damage enemies.  She is even capable of healing wounds and raising fallen allies.
  • Stormrage: Channel the raw power of lightning to do additional damage to enemies struck with attacks and spells for a short period of time.  Each foe can only be struck with Stormrage once, making this ability ideal when fighting groups.
  • Avatar of Nature: Become the incarnation of nature's rage by taking the form of a hulking swamp-being.  While in this form, knock over enemies and deal impressive damage.

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