New screens for Tecmo's Quantum Theory

by: Jeremy -
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Tecmo has released some new screenshots of their upcoming third-person shooter entitled Quantum Theory.  The game is scheduled to be released towards the end of March, tentatively 3/31/10 in the US (3/25/10 in Japan).  The adventure will take the player through a "living" tower as they control one of two characters, Syd and Fillena.  The gameplay focuses on a cover system that is being compared to that which the Gears of War games use; the only difference this time around is that the objects and environments that the characters will be using for cover is living and will change and react to the events in the environment.  It sounds like this won't be a game that promotes camping.  As far as the images are concerned, Quantum Theory definitely looks good... now let's just wait until March and see how it plays...

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