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New screens for Dragon Quest Wars

by: Chad -
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A little-known company called Square Enix will soon be releasing Dragon Quest Wars on Nintendo DSiWare.  This is a grid-based strategy game that features creatures from the Dragon Quest series.  Players will have to think ahead and move their squad into position to be the most effective at battling opponents with magic card attacks.  Play against your buddy in Versus mode or (if you don't have friends) take it online to skirmish with up to three other players from around the globe.  Feast your eyes on the new screens below.

Square Enix’s upcoming Dragon Quest Wars (DSiWare) is fast approaching and we’ve got a few new screenshots from the English version of the game ready for your enjoyment!

Dragon Quest Wars is a Nintendo DSiWare™ grid-based strategy game featuring every DQ fan’s favorite, quirky Dragon Quest monsters. Players will be able to choose from several modes and maps, assemble their own unique squad and battle in classic Dragon Quest fashion!

Players will place monsters into position with their stylus and select magic cards to execute attacks. They can win battles by either defeating all enemy squad members or entering your opponent’s goal zone. With the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, players can also skirmish with up to three other players from across the world. To stay on top, they’ll need to think fast—metal slime fast!

Dragon Quest Wars Features:
· Choose and assemble your 4-member squad from popular Dragon Quest monsters
· Battle up to three other opponents – or battle a friend in Versus mode.
· Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and DS Download Play Multiplayer