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New releases and Super Specials on Impulse this weekend

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Ah, holiday weekends. How we love you so for the occasional extra day off and the usual deals and mini-deals on various consumer products. For this Memorial Day weekend, however, Impulse has decided to go with Super Special sale items. You can catch various bundles ranging from Need for Speed's $24.98 bundle (NFS: Shift, NFS: ProStreet, NFS: Undercover) to the Capcom Collection bundle (Age of Booty, Dark Void, Flock!, MotoGP 08, Street Fighter IV) priced at $79.99.

Sins of a Solar Empire is at the amazingly low $3.99. That's the equivalent of splurging on an App for your mobile device because of the $0.99 that comes with it.

If you're a BioWare fan, you can pick up the Mass Effect bundle that comes with the original and the sequel for $41.99, or the Dragon Age: Origins bundle that includes the Awakening DLC with the game for $47.99.

Last on the Super Specials is the Gratuitous Space Battles Complete (GSB, GSB - The Order, GSB - The Swarm, GSB - The Tribes) at $20.45

Read on for more deals, including half off prices on select game and the new releases on Impulse. Just take a gander and you'll find a lot of 50% off markers. 
Super Special (Limited Time) Sale Items:

Sins of a Solar Empire is $3.99 from $19.99

Mass Effect Bundle (Mass Effect 1 and 2 for $41.99, North America Only)

Dragon Age Origins Bundle (Dragon Age and Awakening for $47.99, North America Only)

Need for Speed Bundle (NFS: Shift, NFS: ProStreet, NFS: Undercover for $24.98, North America Only)

Capcom Collection (Age of Booty, Dark Void, Flock!, MotoGP 08, Street Fighter IV for $79.99, Worldwide)

Gratuitous Space Battles Complete (GSB, GSB – The Order, GSB – The Swarm, GSB – The Tribes for $20.45, Worldwide)

& more awesome deals at: http://www.impulsedriven.com/explore/all/onsale

· Hegemony – Phillip of Macedon HALF OFF at $14.99

· Alganon – HALF OFF at $19.99

· Demigod – HALF OFF at $9.99

· Hearts of Iron Mega Bundle – now 42.99 from $104.99

· Prince of Persia is HALF OFF at $9.99

New Releases on Impulse this week!

Hegemony – Philip of Macedon (50% off for Memorial Day Sale)

Voodoo Dice

Call of Atlantis
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