New release of 256 drivers for NVIDIA items

by: John -
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Today, NVIDIA put forth Release 256 of NVIDIA drivers, merging the notebook set of drivers to the desktop as well as offering new features. Detailed in the blog post, you'll get some things such as performance improvements better multi-GPU setup, and the first support for 3D Blu-ray acceleration on the PC. 

For people that have 3-way SLI and like to mess around with image quality, there's a 48x SLI with 96x for those with three GeForce 400 cards. 

Those that use CUDA will be glad to know that 3.1 support has been added for better performance. OpenGL 4,0 is also supported in the latest release. 

Are you ready to get it? Head on over to NVIDIA's website and have a go.
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