New patch for Stronghold 3 will add a Coronation Mode and upgradable keeps

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Firefly Studios has announced the release of a new patch for Stronghold 3.  Patch 1.10 will add some gameplay tweaks and a new multiplayer Coronoation game mode when it releases on May 11th.  The new Coronation Mode will start players off as a lowly "Village Idiot" with limited access to military units and buildings (I mean, woud you really trust a Village Idiot with that kind of stuff?), and will move up the ranks as they gain honor, which gives them access to new weaponry and technology.  The goal is to become the first king to achieve the rank of "Emperor".

New Patch for Stronghold 3 to Add Coronation Mode, Upgradable Keeps

London, UK – 4 May, 2012 – Firefly Studios are proud to announce the release of a new patch for Stronghold 3. Patch 1.10 adds some major gameplay tweaks and an all-new multiplayer Coronation game mode. It will release next Friday on 11 May 2012.

In Coronation Mode players will race to become the King of Kings. Players start off at the lowly rank of “Village Idiot” with limited access to buildings and military units. By generating honour players can move up the ranks, gaining new technology and weaponry along the way. For the first time in a Stronghold game Coronation mode also features upgradable keeps, which have their own defences and provide additional housing for workers and troops. The first King to achieve the rank of “Emperor” will win the game and can rightly claim to be the ultimate Stronghold Lord.

Patch 1.10, which is the last planned patch for Stronghold 3, also implements a number of fan-requested features and tweaks to the game. Peasants move 66% faster and immigration rates have been increased. All farms produce 25% more food and bread production has been increased by 40%. Pikemen walk faster and Macemen, Armed Peasants and Monks always run by default. Ranged units, like the Archer and Men at Arms, will gain an attacking bonus based on terrain height, making it even easier to lure enemies into traps and set up killing zones! Goods can be manually bought or sold without need for a Market. Instead the Market allows players to set up automatic trading of goods, with controls and settings per goods type.

A full list of features, tweaks and bug fixes can be found in the patch notes at

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