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In the interest of clogging any cracks left unfilled in your MMO-gaming life, the Legends of Norrath: Oathbound online trading card game will allow both EverQuest and EverQuest 2 players to get a more 2D level of combat going.  It's card-based PvP action, on all servers, across both games; although you can challenge AI opponents as well.  Subscribers to EQ and EQ2 will receive a free starter deck.  Visit for more info.



New Online Trading Card Game Playable Within and Across Online RPG’s;

Subscribers to Receive Free Starter Deck



Legends of Norrath Oathbound, the online trading card game based on the rich fantasy worlds of EverQuest® and EverQuest® II, is now live and available for all EQ and EQII subscribers.  Playable from within either of the two online games, players can take on challengers in casual gameplay or test their skills against AI opponents, across all servers, within both live games.


Oathbound is the first release in the Legends of Norrath storyline, featuring more than 375 digital cards, available in both 55 card digital starter decks for $9.99 (plus applicable taxes) and 15 card digital booster packs for $2.99 (plus applicable taxes).  In the three-part Oathbound storyline, players become part of a secret war between the forces of Order and Chaos, preventing the realm of Norrath from the brunt of a bloody and eternal war.


In addition to player vs. player combat, Legends of Norrath provides the complete online card gaming experience, featuring a sophisticated, re-playable AI system for single player campaigns, easy to use management tools and numerous Casual and Tournament game lobbies.  Victory can be achieved by completing quests or reducing your opponent’s health, enabling players to employ their own unique strategies for victory.  The game also features a robust loot system; more than 30 loot items each for EQ and EQII will be available, including player mounts, potions, clothing, weapon adornments and spells. 


To get started on the fun, EQ and EQII players will receive a free starter deck and game client to play.  Non-subscribers will also get a chance to compete against the EQ and EQII community on September 12, when a free stand alone version of the game is scheduled to be available.


For more information on Legends of Norrath, visit the website at



September 5, 2007





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