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The latest batch of information released on Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 focuses on new jutsu moves for characters Kagura, Bando, Towa, and Komachi. The characters are from Clash of Ninja Revolution 2, and if you’ve got a saved game you’ll have a chance to unlock them in Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 early on.

weapon of choice is her stock of wires, which she can use to chain her enemies, spike them from the ground up, or grab their feet and have them come slamming down from mid-air. It’s like Scorpion moves with more variation.

Bando is all about the cannons: fire and electricity. He also gets access to a super armor, which makes it easier for him to attack as it eradicates the issue of blocked stuns. Bando fights in an “up close and personal” style. His moves are slower and heavier than the swift action you can see from the other characters.
Towa is one of the few who can actually say that his ink is badass, and have some validity to the comment: his claw tattoos extend allowing him to use them as weapons. Check the footage for all the uses of said badass ink.

Finally, Komachi attacks girl-style using the senbon needles in her hair. Of course, there really is nothing girly about her moves when you see that she can repeatedly spike her enemies with the needles. Her acrobatic fighting style is just my cup of fighting-tea.
Check the images for screenshots of the characters, and the footage for their gameplay.


TOMY Corporation today released new gameplay footage featuring characters original to the Clash of Ninja Revolution series and their unique jutsu moves that will appear in the upcoming Wii™ fighting game, NARUTO Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3. The footage focuses on the combat moves of four of the 35 plus playable characters appearing in the game.

Players can experience original Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 characters Kagura, Bando, Towa and Komachi performing their thrilling fighting moves in Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 when the game launches on November 17. As a special bonus for players of the previous Clash of Ninja title, having a Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 save data present on the user's console will allow them to unlock these characters in Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 from the beginning. The latest iteration in the series also boasts a new co-op mode, improved gameplay mechanics, and for the first time, Wi-Fi functionality.

A brief description of each character and their special jutsu moves can be found below:

Kagura is a tricky character who uses wires to subdue her opponents. One of her new abilities for Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 is that her swinging wires can be chained one after another up to three times to swing back and forth across the screen. Her forward strong attack is also really handy; it latches a wire to the enemy's feet and then pulls them up and into the air for juggling opportunities. Her down strong attack is useful as well, as it tracks the enemy, causing wires to erupt upwards from underneath her target. It can track running enemies or cause a good amount of damage to a grounded opponent.

Bando's signature moves are compliments from his chakra cannons. He has two types of cannons: fire and electricity. The electrical cannon is especially dangerous; it subdues enemies for a short time, making it easy for Bando to come in close for his heavy, high-damage melee attacks. His secondary jutsu is also extremely useful. Once activated, he has super armor that eliminates all block stuns, making it even easier for him to move in to attack.

Inked with special powers, Towa's arm tattoo extends to attack opponents. He can activate "claws" from this tattoo with the back strong attack, which gives him a slightly different move set and makes his attacks do more damage. One of his coolest abilities is that he can activate a tattoo drill with his forward strong attack. It's a heavy forward moving attack that takes up quite a bit of space and helps Towa control movement on the playing field. Towa also has a handy secondary jutsu in which he extends his tattoo into a gigantic baton and makes a big swipe, which will hit most everything on the screen.

Komachi uses the senbon needles in her hair to attack her enemies. Using strong attack in the air will make her throw the senbon down at her target. However, if strong attack is held instead, the senbon will hover in mid-air until released. This technique drains chakra, but Komachi can continue to fight while strong attack is held, making it a nice addition to a combination move, or a quick defense against a substitution jutsu by the enemy.
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