New item for Club Nintendo members

by: Jeremy -
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I like the Club Nintendo initiative; it is a good program and is something that I would like to see more companies do: reward customers for buying their products. My main problem with the program though is that the selection of items which you can redeem your Nintendo points for is quite limited.

That limited selection of items grew by one this week though as Nintendo has added the black Wii Remote Holder to the catalog. This sleek little item has been produced to match Nintendo’s recently released black Wii console(s). The holder’s opening is 3.5 by 3.5 inches and it is 4.75 inches deep. All that you have to do is log into your Nintendo Club account and give up 300 points.

Just make sure to log in and order before the end of the month as the calendar year for the club is ending on June 30. At that time, all of your points and your status level will be reset for the new year. The holder will begin shipping on July 19, 2010.

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