New information and assets wander in for Shiren

by: Chad -
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Shiren the Wanderer will make its way onto the Wii next month.  Strategic combat and randomized dungeons combine with Japanese mythological influence for an experience that sounds really fun.  Atlus released more screenshots yesterday (posted below) as well as posted an official blog that covers the story and characters (click here).

Sean Colleli got a chance to preview the game and came away anxious for the release.  Read his full impressions in the preview here and look for the game on February 9.

And Shiren... Shiren so far away...

Oh wait, no it's not, the game comes out next month! That's right, boys and girls, Shiren the Wanderer, that lovable RPG with the strategic combat and the randomized dungeons and the ultra-strong Japanese mythological influence will make its way into a Wii near you--preferably one you have access to--on February 9, 2010.

Awesome sauce, we know.

Without further ado, we have some NEW Shiren assets to caress you gently with: screenshots, which we know everyone loves, and the third official blog, courtesy of editor Clayton S. Chan, which covers the game's story and characters. Stay awhile, and listen...
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