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by: Russell -
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A new hero for the new online action RPG Darkspore has been revealed.  Check out some screen shots and a video below of Viper, the Toxic Ravager, one of over two dozen characters that you can collect and customize when the game is released on March 29th of this year.  Read on after that for the official press release.

Darksporea new breed of online action RPG, is coming to PCs everywhere on March 29, 2011.  Today Maxis released a new Hero Spotlight Video showcasing the abilities of Viper, the Toxic Ravager, one of the more than 25 characters that gamers will be able to collect, upgrade and customize in the upcoming release.
From a basic attack called Venom Blade that poisons enemies, to Virulent Vines, an ability that roots a single enemy in place and afflicts him with a disease that spreads to others, Viper’s formidable powers make him a particularly potent and lethal warrior.  Viper’s squad ability, Thornado – which enables him to rapidly spin in a circle, releasing poisonous thorns in all directions – is another way Viper causes widespread damage.  The new Hero Spotlight Video gives gamers a sneak peek into increasing the effectiveness of Viper’s poisons via the Hero Editor, in order to make him the perfectDarkspore Hero. 
Be sure to check out the Viper Hero Spotlight and Producer Diaries 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the Darkspore YouTube Channel at the link below to learn more about the game.  And, there’s still time to sign up for the Darkspore beta at  Keep an eye out for more videos from our Hero Spotlight series as we move forward to the launch of Darkspore!  
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