New glimpse of Namco’s take on Street Fighter

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom isn’t the only company preparing a clash between the heroes of Street Fighter and Tekken. Remember, Namco has their own title in the works: Tekken x Street Fighter. Perhaps the collest thing about both of these titles is that we will get to see each companies unique takes on the characters from the other’s. Capcom is handling all of the character designs in Street Fighter X Tekken and as you would expect, Namco gets to do their own versions of the classic SF characters in Tekken x Street Fighter.

Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada recently Tweeted the a new glimpse of Namco’s designs for both Ryu and Chun-Li, which you can view below. So far, it appears as though the team is playing it safe, but then again these are simply sketches and not the 3D models that will be used in the game. I am sure that most fans, such as myself, are more interested in seeing which unexpected characters are chosen to be a part of the cast and how they are going to look in the actual game.

Still, it is cool to see that the game is in fact moving along.

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