New feature for Need for Speed: Shift announced

by: Adam -
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EA has unveiled some details on the brand new Driver Profile system for their upcoming game, Need for Speed: Shift.  The Driver Profile is a new system that gives every player a unique experience based on the way they drive, and it will extend into the single-player career as well as the multiplayer modes.  The Driver Profile feature was first shown at E3 earlier this month where Mitchell Francis won a brand new 2009 BMW M3 Coupe (and he immediately made many friends).  The new system is based on four key components: Personality, which separates players into aggressive or precise driving styles.  Success is fairly straightforward, it's whether you win or lose.  Profile points are compiled every time you pass a car, every corner you master, and every opponent you take out.  The final element are the Badges, which are basically in-game achievements.  We'll get to see how this new system works when Need for Speed: Shift releases on the most major platforms this September.
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