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Positech games has announced that their latest expansion pack for their PC strategy game Gratuitous Space Battles, titled The Parasites, is now available for download from their site, with digital distribution soon to follow.  On top of that, they're also working on a new game called Gratuitous Tank Battles, which is inspired by GSB, and is scheduled for release "at some time before the heat-death of the universe".  I guess that's one was of saying it'll be ready when it's ready.

If you catch them at the wrong time the parasites are a race to be reckoned with. Every 200 years or so they travel the galaxy looking for new hosts, and we're not suggesting that this is a race that excels at making people feel welcome at parties.
The parasites always go too far, they never did get the idea of mutualism and they never have pets (for long). So now they are venturing forth from their adopted home planet and in search of a cognate species which breeds freely and is able to give birth at least once per year, with a good growth rate and preferably (although a bit of crunch is acceptable) without an exoskeleton. The parasitoid race is no longer deterred by bright colouring of potential hosts as they know from experience that these are sometimes simple dye additives that some races ingest in a rather feeble attempt to suggest they may be toxic. They have had 198 years to upgrade their battle fleet in between breeding and snacking and now want to change the menu. Mmm how tasty are you?

The parasites is the latest expansion pack for the PC strategy game 'Gratuitous Space Battles' developed by one man indie workaholic 'cliffski'. The pack is currently available from the positech website at:
And a release on all the major third-party digital distribution platforms should follow soon.
The expansion pack adds a new race to the game, with new ship designs and some new modules for use by the race. As always, we expect the new expansion pack to be treated as great fodder for the legions of GSB modders who are constantly adding new content to the game.
Since release, Gratuitous Space Battles has sold over 100,000 copies, and players have uploaded over fifty thousand player-designed challenge fleets to compete against other players in the innovative asynchronous battle system built into the game.
Positech is currently working on a 'GSB inspired' game called 'Gratuitous Tank Battles' scheduled for release at some time before the heat-death of the universe.
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