New dev diary for A Virus Named Tom

by: Sean Colleli -
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There's something very refreshing about how Misfit Attic comes across in their dev diaries. While some so-called indie developers are fleecing the masses through the inexplicable popularity of disgruntles avians, Misfit Attic isn't afraid to show their more personal side, like how the main developer's art department also happens to be his wife, and how they don't have time to implement an online multiplayer in their new game because said lead developer and art department just had a baby.

But that's ok! Misfit's latest game, A Virus Named Tom, is still right on track and they're here to give an update in this new dev diary. They highlight several new improvements and features, some of them raised by the fan community, including the wide range of control styles available to make that local multiplayer more manageable. While you can plug in multiple keyboards, gamepads and joysticks, the game will actually let 4 people play on a single keyboard if that's all you have available.

Multiple people playing on one keyboard? Why, I haven't seen that since Jump n' Bump! That's right you Angry Birds playing whippersnappers, I went there. Any of you kids remember that game? No, didn't think so!

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