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Kalypso Media has released some new Halloween themed content for Dungeons - The Dark Lord.  From now through November 13th, all the dungeons will contain pumpkins and other new Halloween-themed gimmicks, plus you can play a new map and cast "a most spook-tacular spell"...whatever that means.  Check out the press release for some more info.

Spooky New (and Free) Content Available for “Dungeons – The Dark Lord”

Master, master! The evil hunchbacks at Realmforge and Kalypso are in a holiday mood and have released a free Halloween- themed update for Dungeons – The Dark Lord, the critically acclaimed dungeon building strategy game. From October 25th to November 13th, all your dungeons will be crammed with pumpkins and cool new Halloween-themed gimmicks! Along with that, you’ll be able to play a completely new map and cast a most sinister spook-tacular spell!
For a limited time (October 25 through November 13), you can enjoy the following haunting content -
  • A new Halloween map, which includes all of the following Halloween features.
  • All your dungeons are randomly decorated with glowing Halloween pumpkins.
  • A new spell “”Jack-o'-lantern” (What could it do? You’ll have to try it and see)
  • New background image for the main menu
  • Two new prestige gimmicks for you to build
…Also, heroes drop candy instead of gold...but they’ll get more tricks than treats in your dungeons!

A few additional notes -
All Halloween features can be disabled in the main menu
New global chat for the server selection UI in networking lobby has been added
The new content will be available via the Kalypso Launcher upon loading the game and as a Steam update
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