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New character info for Dungeon Fighter Online

by: Sean Colleli -
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Nexon America is hard at work on their free-to-play action MMO, Dungeon Fighter Online and they want to keep their fans updated on the latest developments. In the press release after the jump you can read about the game's five classes, and visit the Nexon website for new screens, a trailer and of course, forums.  Not a ton of information for now but hey, you can't beat free.


Five character classes, and trailer video will be featured on new Web site.

LOS ANGELES, CA (May 5, 2009) – Nexon America (http://www.nexon.net) announced today details on the five awesome character classes in its new action MMO, Dungeon Fighter Online. Set to premiere later this year, Dungeon Fighter Online, is a free-to-play, free-to-download, arcade-style, action adventure game set in an immersive role-playing fantasy world. In addition to the beloved 2D side-scrolling play, it also includes the ability to create fully customized characters. Once players are decked out and loaded up, they can master intense fighting combinations and put them to use against monsters and other players.

The Dungeon Fighter Online Web site (http://dungeonfighter.nexon.net) features exclusive game information, in-game screenshots, a trailer video and a new Forum page for players to start discussing the game. It also details the five character classes, which will help players choose who they want to be when they brave the dangerous dungeons of Arad:

·         Slayer – A swordsman of the highest caliber, doomed to carry with him the demon Kazan, who possesses his body and delivers him his power.

·         Fighter – A gladiator who thrives in close-range, hand-to-hand combat, in which she exploits a wide assortment of bone-shattering fighting techniques.

·         Gunner – Tall and lithe, this mysterious alien marks targets from afar and then blows them away with every kind of firearm imaginable.

·         Mage – Wielding magical powers to subjugate the monstrous horrors of the dungeons, a mage taps into the mystical energies of her magical home world Pandemonium.

·         Priest – Driven by faith, a Priest is spurred into violent action against the resurrection of the evil Ozma and his legions of marauding minions. 

As adventurers rise in level, each class can specialize further into subclasses, opening up increasingly powerful skills. Detail information about the five character classes and their subclasses are explained in the new Web site.  Nexon America expects players to respond well to the diverse range of play styles for each of these characters, as well as their rich backgrounds.

About Nexon America Inc.

Nexon America Inc. is the North American operations and publishing arm of Nexon Group, a pioneer of interactive entertainment software and the world’s leader in massively multiplayer online games. Based in Los Angeles, Nexon America was founded in 2005 to bring the best of online entertainment to the North American audience. The company’s growing library of titles includes the world famous franchise MapleStory (http://maplestory.nexon.net), the new fantasy life of Mabinogi (http://mabinogi.nexon.net), the fast-paced, first-person shooter Combat Arms (http://combatarms.nexon.net) and will soon include the exciting arcade action of Dungeon Fighter Online (http://dungeonfighter.nexon.net). The foundation of all Nexon America titles is the item selling business model, in which users access the full game for free and can later opt to pay for game enhancements.