New assets for Oops! Prank Party from Comic Con

by: Sean Colleli -
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Hudson is showing off a lot of their upcoming games at SDCC, and first up we have Oops! Prank Party. I have to be honest that the screens and teaser don't look too promising. The art style is pretty sparse and rips off Nintendo's games something fierce.

Sure, there are supposedly 100 minigames in Prank Party, but these things are always a case of quantity vs. quality and in any case we've seen most of this stuff before. Plus, casual game sales have been dropping off in the last year or so. Once Nintendo makes its mark in a casual genre--sports, fitness, minigames--they pretty much dominate sales, and everything else looks like a wannabe. With Nintendo's Wii Party coming out this year I wonder how Prank Party will fare.

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