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Before Dream Trigger 3D for the 3DS releases next week on May 10th, D3Publisher has a few assets to share with us. Amongst these are the trailer and screenshots posted below. The screenshots are of the five bosses that you will encounter in the game - Rage, Jealousy, Sorrow, Desire, and Fear - all meant to represent the dark aspects of our character.

Look below for said assets, and read on to hear some of the strategies you’ll need to tackle these fiends straight from Senior Producer Brian Etheridge.  

The theme of Dream Trigger 3D is a constant battle against your nightmares. To represent this, we wanted to create boss enemies (5 in total) that represent the darkest parts of your mind; Rage, Jealousy, Sorrow, Desire, and Fear.

These bosses occupy the farthest reaches of our World Map Mode. The player must defeat individual levels, each with their own mini-boss to get a chance to face off against these monsters.

Battle against a boss enemy is different from regular gameplay in that you are solely focused on one enemy. You must pelt the boss with Sonar Pings to get it to reveal its weak spot and then hammer it with fire to try to squeeze some damage in before its next barrage. These guys are not easy. Once you’ve encountered a boss, be prepared to play the level a few times to get the hang of the boss’s patterns, their attacks, and when the best time to dish out the damage is.

Bosses have attacks that deal hefty damage and are tough to dodge. To stay alive, keep moving, watch for the pattern of their attack, and make sure you keep pinging to keep your energy gauge filled. Be prepared for a slug fest.

We hope you enjoy fighting these guys as much as we enjoyed making them!  
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