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by: Nathaniel -
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Windforge is an odd little game.  Upon initial inspection of the game in action, it would be perfectly reasonable to think that it's nothing but a Contra remake that's only coming to the PC for some reason.

Learn a little bit more about it, however, and things get a little more interesting.  Apparently Windforge is an "indie building-block" RPG.  Minecraft is another "indie building-block" game, so this game is like Minecraft, but an RPG.  What do you build?  Airships.  You build airships in a game that looks like Contra with a heavy dose of Minecraft - and it's an RPG.  

I told you Windforge was an odd little game.  

Today's video shows off some of the weapons you'll use during the Contra-like portions of the game.  You can check out our last Windforge video right here.

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