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New Warfighter single player footage is "headshottastic"

by: Chuck -
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EA has released a new trailer for Medal of Honor:Warfighter that shows off some new footage from the single player campaign.  The mission has Mother and company trying to rescue some hostages from a group of terrorists in Basilan, the capital of the Phillipines.  Of course things go south in a hurry as some other participants arrive to the party to "help" out with the mission.

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The fun part of the footage is how they subtly show off some of the features of the game.  Watch as the "driver" casually shows off the destructible terrain in the game as well as some of the other subtle effects like the multi-scope guns in the game.  You can tell the run has been practiced a bit as the player knows where a few of the targets are before making visual contact with them.

I'm not sure that the footage does much to get the game past the "just another military shooter" label that has been on the franchise since it was launched last year which is a shame as the game does have a strong story to tell and a strong viewpoint.  The initial trailer that was shown to the press at GDC this year involved some phone calls with the family of the Tier 1 operators which really connected the personal sacrifices that Tier 1 to the game but I haven't seen anything like that in anything that in any of the new footage.