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New WWE '13 screenshots and Attitude Era mode trailer!

by: Nathan -
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Today we have the trailer for the new Attitude Era mode for WWE '13! It looks as if they are taking a page out of the new Mortal Kombat's book in which the games storymode follows a 2 year timeline and has various chapters to finish. The chapters are 
  • The Rise of DX
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • The Rock
  • Mankind
  • Undertaker and Kane
  • Wrestle Mania 15
Most people complained about WWE 12's Road to Wrestlemania mode and how you would play a match, press one button and then have the CPU take over for a cutscene. In WWE '13 the objective is always the same. Win the match, however there are side objectives within the match having you re-create historic moments from the Attitude Era to unlock bonus items such as characters, arenas and other goodies. Attitude Era mode also features video packages from the WWE's video editing team to help tell the story going on at the time to the audience.

Check out the trailer below and check out our new screenshots for the game including the Wii version below