New Veks and Silence Survival Packs will test your zombie slaying prowess

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Xbox Live Indie Games zombie 2D side-scrolling shooter Veks and Silence is getting a new series of Survival Packs, indie publisher Edible Entertainment announced today.  Survival Packs each have their own theme. The theme of the first pack will be the Graveyard, which is also the location of the free Veks and Silence trial level you can download from XBL Indie Games Marketplace. Look for the Graveyard Survival Pack should be out sometime next month.

Survival Packs each have three Survival Mode levels and are available from XBL Game Marketplace for 80 points ($1, or 1/5 of an avatar lightsaber). The game itself can be yours for 400 points or $5. In Survival Mode, you'll be given a limited number of lives with which to fight a neverending wave of zombies and turret fire and survive as long as you can.

Sydney, Australia - Sept. 17, 2009 - Edible Entertainment, an independent publisher of videogames, today announced the release of a series of Survival Packs for Veks and Silence, the action-packed, zombie-infested shooter now available on the Xbox Live Indie Game Marketplace. Each Survival Pack will have a theme, the first being a Graveyard theme to coincide with the change to the Graveyard level as the Trial level for the Veks and Silence full game. The first Graveyard Survival Pack is planned to be released sometime in October. 

Each Survival Pack includes three Survival Mode levels, and can be purchased from the Xbox Live Indie Game Marketplace for 80 MS Points. In Survival Mode, players find themselves trapped without hope of escape, facing a never-ending onslaught of zombie spawns and turret fire. With a limited number of lives, the zombie-slayers must call upon all of their skill to survive as long as possible.

Veks and Silence is a fun action-packed, zombie-infested, 2D side-scrolling shooter made with Microsoft XNA Game Studio. Players take control of Silence, an overweight, gun-crazy maniac as he blasts his way through countless undead monstrosities, mutants and robots in his quest to find his missing partner Veks. This independently developed shooter represents a new standard of quality in the Xbox Live Indie Game Marketplace. Veks and Silence was developed by independent videogame company Edible Entertainment, based in Sydney, Australia, and is now available for 400 MS Points on the Xbox 360 Indie Games portal. 

Veks and Silence features include:

2D side-scrolling shooter gameplay.
Four unique weapons, each with different abilities: handgun, shotgun, sniper rifle and chain gun. All weapons have infinite ammo.
Over the top violence. Hordes of zombies explode in showers of blood when they are killed.
13 Adventure Levels. Fight through graveyards, zombie-filled cities, flooded highways and more!
11 hard-as-nails Survival Mode levels.
Beautiful hand-drawn cut scenes done in a vibrant and colorful comic-book style.
An insane cast of enemies including radioactive flying zombie sharks, giant undead maggots and a morbidly obese giant zombie.
A giant robotic boss that shoots cars, zombies and school buses at the player.

For more information about Veks and Silence, please visit the official Web site at

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