New TMNT Out of the Shadows trailer featuring Raphael

by: Sean Colleli -
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TMNT Out of the Shadows just keeps looking better with every new trailer Red Fly Studios releases. This time they're showing off Raphael. Raph was always my favorite turtle because he had the whole Brooklyn attitude going on, and his sais were unconventional and cool weapons. In the new game he has a pretty brutal, MMA-style fighting technique that is appropriate for his no-nonsense personality. While the Michael Bay TMNT reboot continues to sound like a disaster in the making, at least the unrelated Red Fly game is looking very good.
Hey TMNT Fans!
As Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows prepares to launch this summer for Xbox LIVE Arcade, the PlayStation Network, and PC via Steam, Activision Publishing, Inc. and Red Fly Studio are shining a light on each of the varied personas that make up this formidable team of heroes in a half-shell. Today's trailer goes behind the red bandana of the Turtle with 'tude: Raphael.
Hot-tempered and aggressive, Raphael is the bad boy of the Turtles squad. He's competitive, rebellious, and often prefers being on his own. But underneath the sarcasm lies an unbreakable love and loyalty for his family, particularly his younger brother, Mikey.
A true street brawler, Raphael's brute-force single-target damage, knockdown strength, and combo damage make him a walking powerhouse. Raph’s unique Iron Fists weapon upgrade lets him toss his Sais aside and have his fists do the talking.
But like any hot head, Raph's fury is also his greatest shortcoming. His zeal for up-close and personal combat limits his range, as well as his ability to juggle multiple opponents simultaneously, leaving him vulnerable to attack when outnumbered or being targeted from a distance.
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