New Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition screens and videos

by: Russell -
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With the release of the 3DS and Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition just around the corner Capcom has released new screens, gameplay footage, and a TV spot that encourages players to "take this outside" as it's the Super Street Fighter IV experience that can now go with gamers wherever they go.  The gameplay videos show off things like button customization, menus, and Figurine Mode, as well as gameplay footage of actual matches (well, one-sided matches to show off moves and the touch screen buttons).  I like how button customization will be done.

It looks like you can set up Lite and Pro controls for each character (Lite controls will allow special moves to be assigned to the buttons and touch screen while Pro only allows for normal buttons).  That's good for people who have different control setups for different characters, and the Lite setups are good for characters with hard to activate moves like Vega and DeeJay (where you have to charge down/back, then down/forward, down/back, up/forward and all three kicks or punches).  Watching these videos makes me even more excited for the release on March 27th as the game looks great.

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