New Spy vs. Spy game announced, <strike>possibly a point and click adventure game</strike> -UPDATE-

by: Chuck -
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I received a mysterious e-mail this morning with the following imaged attached to it which would indicate that we've got a new Spy vs. Spy game on our hands (it helps that the Spy vs. Spy logo is at the bottom right of the image).  For those of you under the age of 30, Spy vs. Spy was a re-occurring feature in Mad Magazine where two spies (Black and White) tried to kill each other with elaborate traps.  The series has had an earlier video game incarnation but the less that's said about that the better.

The question now is what kind of game is it?  From the view of the image it looks like it might be an old school point and click adventure game but it could also be a  side scrolling action game.  A point and click adventure game might be kind of cool as you could explore the world while setting up traps for your opposite spy and avoiding ones that he's set.  We'll post more information on the game as we get it.

-Update John Yan- I'm pretty sure it's an update to the old C64 classic. It was a loved by some and I remember playing it with a lot of friends.

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