New Spider-man gets trailered

by: Jeremy -
More On: Spider-Man: Edge of Time
The recently announced Spider-man: Edge of Time has received its first public trailer, which was shown at WonderCon over the weekend.

As Russell noted with the game’s announcement last week, the new game puts players in control of both the Amazing Spider-man and Spider-man 2099 in a struggle to save Spidey’s life. The teaser trailer for the game, shown below, sets the stage for an intriguing story that brings two different Spidey’s from two different times together for a common good. I really like what Beenox is doing with the Spider-man IP, especially after their stellar-looking Shattered Dimensions (which I have still yet to play). I think that I have to get onto checking that one off of my to-do list to prepare for this one because I get the feeling that I a missing out...

Source: VG247

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