New SSX producer video talks about online experience

by: Russell -
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EA has released a new producer video for their upcoming game SSX that goes into some detail on two online features: Global Events and Geo Tags.  The way Global Events works is that instead of going through lobbies and matching making like other games, each drop point will have an event going on.  You don't have to be there when it starts or ends, just drop in, put up your best score or time, and move on.  You can win in-game credits that you can use to compete at better drop points and other stuff, and the more people that compete at a drop point, the bigger the haul for the one who wins.

As for Geo Tags, these are items you can earn or buy, and you can place them somewhere within the game for your friends to find.  However, the long it takes for your friends to find them, the more credits you earn.  Sounds like an interesting way to compete with friends, as you can either place it in the most annoying hiding spots, or right out in plain sight high up in the air.

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