New Riders of Rohan screenshots

by: Nathaniel -
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These "warbands" shots taken from The Lord of the Rings: Online: Riders of Rohan feature images that could have been pulled directly out of the Peter Jackson's film version of The Two Towers.  It's all orcs on wargs all the time.

I remember seeing that in the theater as a post-teenager and being blown away by how cool it looked on the big screen.  I'm sure today, now that we live in a world where commercials can pull off fantastic special effects, The Two Towers might look a little dated.

Whether that's true or not, these shots still look pretty sweet.

Anyway, warbands are a new enemy addition to The Lord of the Rings: Online: Riders of Rohan.  Combat against warbands will feature what's being called "open tapping."  That basically means that during a mounted battle, everyone who contributes damage to an enemy will receive of portion of the experience when it's killed, rather than just the player that strikes the death-blow.

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