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Radical Entertainment has released a new video for Prototype 2.  Titled "Welcome to NYZ", the video talks a little bit about the game and even shows a bit of alpha gameplay.  For only being in alpha, it looks pretty good.  Too bad we have to wait until April 24th of next year for it, but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

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Hi there:

Welcome to NYZ!

Radical Entertainment peels back the curtain on the inspiration behind creating PROTOTYPE 2's dangerous open-world playground known as New York Zero.

Set fourteen months after the catastrophic events of the original game, the New York that humanity has come to know and love over the years no longer's now simply referred to as NYZ.

As Radical's all-new vision for post-viral open-world New York, NYZ has been designed from the ground up to enhance PROTOTYPE 2's signature action-packed sandbox-style gameplay, and as a mechanism to tell the game's core narrative and side story missions.

As Sgt. James Heller, players will progress through NYZ's three distinct zones, from the heavily militarized Green Zone, to the converted refugee and triage shanty town camps of the industrial Yellow Zone, all the way to the Red Zone - where the virus has completely overrun the city's shattered skyscrapers and population with infection and the risk of death at every corner.

PROTOTYPE 2 releases worldwide on April 24, 2012.   
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