New PSP ad campaign to be unveiled later this week

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Sony announced today that they are going to be rolling out a new ad campaign for the PSP to highlight it's new price ($169.99) and status as a "coveted portable entertainment system offering high-quality games on-the-go" (their words not might).  The new campaign will also feature a new website to support the campaign. 

I still think the PSP needs some kind of online service that will allow you to download content from Sony directly to the PSP either through a PS3 or through it's online connection.  That would be a system seller right there but it doesn't look like Sony has that in the pipeline currently.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has launched a new national marketing campaign to support the recently reduced price of the PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) system, now available for $169.99 (MSRP). The campaign, titled “Dude, Get Your Own,” uses a humorous style to communicate the PSP’s status as a coveted portable entertainment system offering high-quality games on-the-go, as well as multimedia features such as video and music playback.


A TV spot is airing now through the end of May on shows such as King of the Hill (FOX), South Park (Comedy Central), Adult Swim (Cartoon Network), the NBA Playoffs (TNT), Saturday Night Live (NBC), and WWE Smackdown (CW).  Six additional vignettes that build on the TV spot will be released online in a variety of Web sites, at retail, and through other channels. Later this week, SCEA will launch an interactive Web site ( ), where the vignettes will be rolled out sequentially and other information will be available for consumers interested in learning more about the PSP system.


Additionally, the vignettes will be part of an online advertising campaign running now through July, with placement in a mixture of gaming and lifestyle media sites such as,, and A direct mail piece supporting the campaign will be distributed later this month.


The new campaign addresses the 13 to 17-year-old demographic, a key target audience for the PSP system this year. With its new price, PSP system delivers even greater value to a broad range of consumers, including younger gamers. Since the April 3rd price drop announcement, PSP hardware and software sales have sparked at retailers, and these new marketing initiatives are expected to drive continued consumer interest in the platform.

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