New Nintendo Rewards for the loyal

by: Jeremy -
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Club Nintendo was recently updated with a new assortment of prizes for those who have continued to buy and register Nintendo products.  Club Nintendo has been up and running for a little while now and allows gamers to register purchased Nintendo products and take related surveys in exchange for “Coins”. Points accumulated over time can be traded in for various prizes and rewards. Here are some of the new prizes that can be claimed:
  • Grill Off with Ultra Hand! WiiWare Game- 80 Coins: an exclusive Club Nintendo WiiWare title which is only available through the Club
  • Game & Watch Collection 2 for Nintendo DS- 800 Coins: an exclusive collection of 3 classic Game & Watch titles (Octopus, Parachute, and the all new Parachute X Octopus) on one cart for the Nintendo DS
  • Club Nintendo Mario 3-Poster Series- 350 Coins: a poster series showing the evolution of the Mario character over time

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