New Nancy Drew game launches Twitter soap opera

by: Marissa -
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The upcoming Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy has gone viral, launching a Twitter-based soap opera.

You'll be able to follow Waverly students' Twitter accounts and experience the soap opera, "Watching Waverly," from multiple perspectives.

The soap opera functions as a preview to the game, giving background information and game details from the perspectives of five different students. Leela Yadav, Megan Vargas, Izzy Romero, Danielle Hayes, and Corine Myers will tweet about their daily lives and update followers about events at Waverly (a prestigious all-girl boarding school) as they unfold. Someone's trying to wipe out valedictorian candidates, and it'll be up to Miss Drew to figure out who.
“Many of our fans are already participating in social networks and ‘Watching Waverly’ is a unique way of delivering relevant content to them, as well as expanding the in-game universe to the real world,” said Megan Gaiser, president and CEO of Her Interactive.  “It’s a great way to pique fan interest and get them involved in the game just prior to launch.”
Nancy Drew, a 79 year-old franchise, is quite adept at adopting to the times and staying relevant to new generations of Twitterpated girls.
The “Watching Waverly” Twitter soap opera starts today and continues through October 16.  The game launches on October 13th.
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