New Monster Hunter Tri teaser site up and running

by: Chad -
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While I understand teaser trailers, why do we need a teaser web site?  Oh well.  Capcom has put up a "teaser site" for Monster Hunter Tri and you can visit it by clicking here.  It does have a brief overview of the game, a video, and some screen shots.  It also made me interested in finding out more. 

So, I guess this teaser site worked for at least one person.  Find out more for yourself by clicking here

Calling All Hunters!

Sharpen those blades, polish that armor and get ready as we launch the Monster Hunter Tri teaser site today! Monster Hunter Tri is the latest game in the Monster Hunter series and is making its debut on the Wii in Spring 2010.

Fans of the Monster Hunter series can whet their appetites as we give would-be hunters a glimpse of what’s to come in this HUGE adventure for the Nintendo Wii. So head on over to and check it out today!
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