New Mass Effect novel in the works

by: Chuck -
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There's a note on the Bioware website today with the news that the new Mass Effect book has been given a title.  The name of the book will be Mass Effect: Ascension and will cover the events between the first and second games in the series.  I was a bit fan of the first book in the series as it did a great job of setting up the universe without ruining the game and I'm hoping that the second does the same.  The book is due out this Summer so that may be some indication(well not really) that we could see Mass Effect 2 next holiday season.

It will be interesting to see if Mass Effect 2 will be an Xbox 360 exclusive or not.  With EA buying Bioware/Pandemic this year I think we could see the game come to the PS3 at some point.  I'm not sure if that makes sense because Microsoft published the first game and while they don't have exclusive rights to the rest of the games how much sense does it make to publish a sequel for a game that you have to play on another system.

Thanks to GamingToday for the scoop.
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