New Mass Effect 3 downl.....ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL

by: Nathaniel -
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It looks like everyone's favorite Mass Effect 2 meme - Harbinger assuming direct control - is set to make a return to the world of gaming with the impending release of a new Collector-themed downloadable content pack for Mass Effect 3 called Mass Effect 3: Retaliation.  

Retaliation adds the Collectors as a brand new faction N7 operatives can fight against.  You'll see Praetorians, Scions, Abominations, Troopers, and Captains.  There's no word on whether or not Harbinger will be able to assume direct control of any of them.  The other major addition is a new challenge system that will reward gamers upon completion of each challenge.

Also new in Mass Effect 3: Retaliation will be new "Hazard" versions of existing maps.  New hazards and traps will be added to each firebase including acid, lightening, meltdowns, sandstorms, swarms, and whiteouts.

New weapons will include the Collector assault rifle, SMG, and sniper rifle.  There are new character kits to unlock as well like the Turian Havoc soldier, and Turian Ghost infiltrator, with more in the coming weeks.  Finally there will be new powerful upgrades such as new ammo mods and new unique items to fortify your gear.

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation comes out on October 9 and will be available at no additional cost. 

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