New Mass Effect 3 DLC announced

by: Nathaniel -
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Revealed today via, the final DLC packs for Mass Effect 3 have been announced (and yes, those random screens from last month were about this).  There are two of them, one singleplayer and one multiplayer.

The singleplayer DLC is called Mass Effect 3: Citadel and will see Commander Shepard halt a plot against himself from unknown forces and will take place on the Citadel, including previously unseen areas like the Council Archives, and the Silver Coast Casino (and yes, there will be gambling).  Squadmates will be drawn from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and includes Urdnot Wrex. 

Once completed, you'll be able to hang out with all your old squadmates, rekindle old romances, and trick out your own living quarters on the Citadel.  It comes out on March 5th and will run $14.99/1200 MSP (and 1200 BW points, whatever they are).

The multiplayer DLC, called Mass Effect 3: Reckoning, is free, and will be out on February 26th (the 27th for PS3 in Europe).  It will feature new classes like the Geth Juggernaut, Cabal Vanguard, Talon Mercenary, Alliance Infiltration Unit, and the Krogan Warlord and his powerful Biotic Hammer.

You'll also get seven more weapons, like the Geth Spitfire assault rifle, Venom shotgun, Lancer assault rifle, and new mods like the Geth scanner, and assault rifle omni-blade.

Finally, on February 25th at 9:30am PST/6:30pm CET, Twitch TV will stream Mass Effect 3: Reckoning with Mass Effect devs on hand to show off the new content and answer your questions.
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