New Marketplace Content for Xbox 360

by: Dan -
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Apparently AceyBongos was trolling the Xbox 360 marketplace and noticed a few things that previously were not announced.

  • Skate - Skaters Talk Skate Video: 2 videos in which pro skateboarders talk about EA's upcoming game that wants to give Tony Hawk grazed knees. Jerry Hsu and PJ Ladd are the stars in question, and the game is called Skate.. It may or not have a full stop after the Skate, I haven't worked it out properly, but it does promise to offer a true skating experience. The vids are quite arty and have no gameplay footage, and they're both free.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Very Hard Missions: These 3 packs each add Very Hard missions for Sonic, Shadow and Silver. They're 200 MS Points each and you need to have completed the game in Hard mode with your chosen character to use them.
  • Old Spice Experience Challenge Theme: Free theme to go along with the Old Spice Challenge
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