New MAG Footage from GamesCom

by: Chuck -
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The folks at the PlayStation Blog have posted a new chunk of footage from MAG in which Seth Luisi from SCEA shows off one of the new maps from the game.  In the video he goes over one of the 128 person maps where one side has to defend some prototype vehicles from being stolen.  

Even after seeing the footage (and seeing the game in person) I'm still impressed with how well the game manages all of the players.  Sure the big tag line is the 256 people in a map (or 128 in this case) but you still feel like you're an important cog in the war machine as the game only shows you the part of the game.  Of course the first month or so of the game is going to be a bit rough as people learn the maps and the roles but I think the game might have a  chance of achieving a solid spot on my online gaming rotation.

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