New Live Anywhere screens online

by: Chuck -
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Somebody over at the TeamXbox forums managed to grab some pictures of a slide presentation featuring some mockups of the cell phone side of Microsoft's Live Anywhere initiative (this is the new system that will allow you to play games and share game data between your Xbox 360, Cell Phone, and PC).  The good news is that it looks like MS is developing this in Brew, a cell phone development language which should allow a large number of cell phones to access the service.  This allays some of my initial fears that MS would only release this for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices which would really limit the number of people who can use the service. 

It looks like you'll be able to add items to your Xbox 360 download queue remotely as well as check your gamertag and send messages back and forth to other users. Hopefully Microsoft can cash the check they are writing with all this hype.

Thanks to Digg for the link.
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