New Killer Xeno drivers offers up smoother online performance

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Those with Killer Xeno cards can now download release drivers for their cards offering up better online performance. Bigfoot did a test with Team Fortress 2 and in their testing, they had an average of 16% improvement in amount of frames displayed over a course of the game. There was also a 17% improvement in minimum frame rate. They also stated an improvement of 25% in average max frame rate as well. Now, you might not see these improvements on your system but that is one that Bigfoot has seen if you read their analysis.
Bigfoot Networks' new and improved driver for the Killer Xeno online gaming
networking card is now out of beta. The new driver delivers orders of
magnitude improvement in latency over the previous ones, giving users a
smoother online gaming experience and better performance.

Bigfoot has also released a new Team Fortress 2 case study demonstrating
the effectiveness of the Killer Xeno Pro at addressing client-side lag. The
study compared performance with and without a Killer Xeno. It found:

- An average 16% improvement in total frames displayed. That means, over
the course of the game, a player with a Xeno will see 16% more frames than a
player without one

- A 17% improvement in minimum framerate

- A 25% improvement in average maximum framerate, with peaks as high as 48%
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