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New Homefront trailer reminds us what we’re fighting for

by: Jeremy -
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There are a lot of developers using live-action footage in their games and trailer recently, something that was prominent many years ago. So far the usage has been good and not overly “corny”, especially in the latest Homefront trailer.

The latest trailer for THQ’s Homefront uses footage from the Xbox 360 version of the game to remind players just what they are fighting for in the storyline of the game. The footage, combined with a bit of live-action scenery, paints a grim picture for the world of Homefront. The game, and THQ as a whole, really seem to have a lot of promise. Everyone that I know who has played the early builds of the game have spoken positively about it and many cite it as being one of their most anticipated games for 2011.

I guess I will find out just how good it is along with the masses when the game launches on March 15.

Source: XG247UK

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