New Harmony of Despair screenshots

by: Jeremy -
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We only have a few short weeks left to wait for Konami’s new downloadable Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. The title will hit the Xbox Live Arcade as a part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade on August 8, 2010.

The latest entry in the Castlevania series takes the game into a new direction by mixing in cooperative multiplayer. Early descriptions of the game portray it as a suped up version of the previous games’ Boss Rush mode(s). Players will adventure through a series of rooms, gathering items and sticking up in preparation for boss fight. The game will also contain a versus mode that allows the players to battle one another as well.

Gamers will be able to choose from variety of classic Castlevania characters to play as, including Alucard, Soma Cruz, Shanoa, Jonathan Morris, and more. Each character will also be accompanied with 8 selectable color palettes. Konami is pledging continued support of the game after the initial release with DLc that will include new characters and stages. You can check out a few new shots below courtesy of Andriasang

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